I’m a designer at 8th Light, where I focus on creating inuitive and delightful experiences. I love implementing my designs with HTML and SCSS that is modular and reusable. I also freelance creating websites for individuals and small businesses - send me a twitter message to start the conversation (link in footer).

I care a lot about UX, which is why I'm on a mission to make sure that the people who make UX decisions know the basics. That quest puts me in front of the developers who find themselves in the position of designers, teaching them how to do quick and simple user testing. I do this teaching in both presentation and workshop settings.

Outside of work, I'm passionate about teaching and mentoring underrepresented minorities in tech, including people who have not yet made the transition. If you're curious about a career in tech but don't know where to start, or already in the field and looking for some support, find me on twitter! (link in footer). My time outside of work is also spent fund raising for local organizations like Organized Communities Against Deportations, Healing to Action, and Planned Parenthood IL. If you want to support me you can buy me a coffee or send me a gift from my wishlist.

I spend my remaining free time consuming any zombie-related media I can get my hands on, figuring out how to make TIE fighters zoom around my site with CSS animations, and creating art with the color blue (which you can see here!) Ideally I do all of these things while on the couch with my partner and our two dogs, Hamlet and Horatio, who I've created cartoon versions of to place on this page for your viewing pleasure.