I’m a designer at 8th Light, where I focus on creating inuitive and delightful experiences. My design philosophy is to approach each iteration of the design process as part of a living system, casting aside our preconceived notions of what we think should happen, relying on authentic and thoughtful research. I combine this research with my years of design experience and a constant search for new patterns that enhance the way people interact with our products.

I care a lot about great UX, which is why I teach newcomers to the field at General Assembly and have a rotating group of great people who need some advice and feedback to break into the field. I'm also on a mission to make sure that the people who make UX decisions know the basics, which is why I created a workshop and talk to teach front-end developers who find themselves in the position of designers how to do usability testing to make feature that make sense.

I'm a firm believer that we have a responsibility to keep our users safe. I'm currently working on a few different projects that help technologists ensure their products can't be used as tools of domestic voilence.

I spend my remaining free time consuming any zombie-related media I can get my hands on, creating cyanotype prints, and hanging out with my dogs, Hamlet and Horatio (shown here in cartoon form).