Designing for Safety Consulting

I'm a principal designer at 8th Light, a custom software consultancy, where I'm leading the industry in original research into technology-facilitated violence, focusing on how digital products are subverted by abusers for enact inter-personal abuse. To get help implementing a strategy of designing for safety, get in touch. Learn more about these services at The Inclusive Safety Project.

Speaking and Workshops

I'm currently booking speaking and workshop engagements for 2021. If you want to learn how to prevent your tech from being weaponized for harm and practice designing for safety, I’d love to speak or lead a workshop at your event. Contact me about your speaking at your conference, in-house event, or workshop by emailing penzeymoog at gmail dot com.


  • Justice, Safety, Compassion: Shifting the Ethical Tech Paradigm

    What do we actually mean when we talk about making the tech - both the products and the industry - more ethical? This talk explores the necessary changes in terms of safety, justice, and compassion and how to contribute to changing the tech paradigm.

  • Designing Against Domestic Violence

    The reality of domestic violence doesn’t disappear when people enter the digital world. Abusers use technology to exploit and control their victims, meaning we have a responsibility to ensure user safety. How can we prevent people with violent intentions from using our digital products as tools of abuse? This talk helps the audience understand the intersections of technology and domestic violence and provide a framework for designing against domestic violence.


Designing for Safety

Together, we'll practice identifying abuse and privacy issues and creating safe solutions. This workshop ranges from 2 to 4 hours. Participants will leave with tools and strategies for bringing a practice of designing for safety back to their workplaces.