Eva PenzeyMoog

I'm the founder of The Inclusive Safety Project and author of Design for Safety. I'm a principal designer at 8th Light, where I design and build custom software and consult on safe design strategy.

My work focuses on making tech safer by prioritizing the most vulnerable. Tech is weaponized for interpersonal harm, including domestic violence, child abuse, and invasive surveillance. Designers and other technologists don't have to be complicit in this weaponization; we can prevent it and give power back to survivors through intentional design strategy.

Check out The Inclusive Safety Project for resources and to learn more about services, workshops, and courses related to designing for safety.

If you want to support me in this work, please visit my Patreon page.

Upcoming Talks

I'm currently taking inquiries for remote and in-person talks and workshops. If you're interested in me presenting at your conference or workplace, please see my Speaking page.

Teaching & Mentoring

I worked in education non-profit before making a change to the tech world. I love teaching and mentoring other career changers and helping them find their way into the fields of design and development. I teach on and off through General Assembly and do frequent informal instruction and mentoring.

Wondering if doing a coding or design bootcamp is worth it? Read my advice here.

Elsewhere in the World

I spend my non-design time consuming any zombie-related media I can get my hands on, tending to my plants, and hanging out with my dog Hamlet and kitten Reptar.

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