Eva PenzeyMoog

I'm the founder of The Inclusive Safety Project and a principle designer at 8th Light, where I design and build custom software and consult on safe and inclusive design strategy.

I work to ensure that digital products cannot be used as tools for abuse, with the goal of reducing harm in the world through centering the safety of victims of domestic violence.

My design philosophy is to approach each step of the process and new challenge with a mixture of design experience and authentic research. I take research seriously, I design for all groups regardless of ability, and I don’t believe in edge cases.

Designing Against Domestic Violence

I work to ensure that digital products cannot be be used as tools of abuse, and share my findings with other people who create digital products. This work involves research of how technology both enables abuse and fails to recognize user behavior that indicates abuse, resulting in a lost opportunity to offer meaningful support. I'm intentional about providing clear, true (and always anonymous) examples, and aim to provide a concrete set of steps that people who work in tech can take to build products that won't result in harm against their users.

My talk, Designing Against Domestic Violence, is the culmination of this research and the first step of a larger project to reduce harm in the world through centering the safety of victims of domestic violence. I call this work "designing for inclusive safety." If you want to support me in this work, please visit my Patreon page.

Upcoming talks:

    Due to the spread of COVID-19, the conferences I was scheduled to speak at this spring and summer have been canceled. Hopefully conferences will be back on in the fall. In the meantime, I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. You can view a recent recording of my talk here.

    My slides from 8th Light University are available here.

I have a lot of thoughts about the role of individual designers and developers in fixing unethical tech versus the need for regulation. I'm very interested in working on the issues of technology-facilitated domestic violence from a policy level. Read my piece, You Can't Solve Unethical Tech By Yourself, to learn more.

Teaching & Mentoring

I worked in education non-profit before making a change to the tech world. I love teaching and mentoring other career changers and helping them find their way into the fields of design and development. I teach on and off through General Assembly and do frequent informal instruction and mentoring.

Wondering if doing a coding or design bootcamp is worth it? Read my advice here.

Elsewhere in the World

I spend my non-design time consuming any zombie-related media I can get my hands on, baking macarons, and hanging out with my dogs, Hamlet and Horatio.

I write about technology, design, justice, minimalism and more on Medium.

I am first authoring a book chapter on the topic of technology-facilitated domestic violence for a textbook focused on international perspectives on digital abuse. Check back for the release date!